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WELCOME to MYWAY! Here are some statements about it. The principal point is to progressively improve your personal life. This happens through the recognition and possible process of quality solution of various life problems.

THEREFORE WE ARE WORKING on psychic difficulties associated with anxious states of excessive narrowness, unnecessary tension, depression, disquietude, panic disorder, obsessive thoughts, unusual actions, and debilitating symptoms of the post-traumatic stress circle.

Indeed, we have to work on diverse painstaking experiences, complex situations as interpersonal hardship, to work on emotional blockages, family problems and other troubles. Tacitly or not, they may naturally stimulate you to become less or more obstinate, anxious, or however to gain a potential view into these induced emotions. All the necessary experiences and extensive knowledge are traditionally used to allow the challenged person to properly acquire the experience for his and environmental possible benefit. Consequently, MYWAY primary role is precisely to “wake up” the suitable person to inevitably increase the special importance of health. When the individual begins to see that with him or his close one comes to an unexpected difficulty, then the decision on the possibility of at least personal treatment is the best prevention of greater damage. This proceeding is accomplished through analyzing feelings, thinking, myths, even fundamental beliefs and specific behaviours.

All of this typically derives from assessing the progressively increasing vulnerability of the less and less tolerant communities. We carefully create the private source of constant support for the parents and comprehensive help and cure to all those who wish to adequately develop healthy and mature life. Through psychotherapy engagement, they could carefully set up their inner and external relationships and correct practical problems in the potential amount of key areas of their considered beings. From love and financial problems to successful business, thus, to more creative living. Along with ringing resource of needed help, they (though not all of them) get the chance to solve efficiently the present repetitions of the previous situations. What follows is that determined people are right trained toward the challenging process of corrective emotional experience through meaningful conversations and possible silences, too. Therefore, to find a new, unknown and more complete approach to their private and social life.

Regardless of where he is, special feelings, or their deprivation naturally belong to an exposed subject. We are gradually and carefully trying to adequately prepare or open his inner personal space to gain the ability to work together on his frequent difficulties in the form on their most varied arrangements. So, on their mutual and healthier understanding as well as creative appropriate choices, perhaps forgotten long ago. The therapeutic engagement itself traditionally includes, between other essential things, the conscious recognition of unconscious internal conflicts of opposed forces and even apparent or not, a possible lack of them.

Access to humane feelings, therefore, will tacitly urge you to willingly express your emotional difficulties and ultimately alter their possible outcomes. The fundamental work typically involves the psychodynamic approach. That is to analyze the verbal and non verbal expression of unconscious inner forces that are producing an excess or lack of emotional thinking and behavioral disorders. On the other position, the behavioral-cognitive approach universally quizzically agrees with the work on the visible or expressed symptom and thought and does not explore its unconscious part. It faithfully treats the particular expression of the previous learning of the wrong emotional or thought patterns of specific family and social behavior of person. All this result entirely from person’s inherent experiences, permitting them to sustain the unsuccessful context in the present.

What you can inspire, but also prevent you allow yourself to build a mature, reasonable and accepted changes and experience the convenience of their application? The richness of emotional and deliberate self-identity becomes more mature and more peaceful life.

It is to say that the psychological medicine can adequately cope with an expanded range of human needs: from better connection with yourself and worthier relationships with inner world, to more spatial, hence also much better quality of their possible applications in complex connections and relationships with others. Why not become another one of the fruitful minorities? So, can you start carefully familiarizing yourself with the therapy experience? It is definitely not a classic job, but that’s precisely why it can typically bring a NEW QUALITY OF LIFE.